About SimplSoul

SimplSoul is a blog mostly about preparing healthy, simple food.  Its goal is to make life easier.  There’s really no boundaries around what that means.  For me, it started with understanding my adult life in phases.  First there was the acquisition phase in which one accumulates – a dwelling, stuff to put in the dwelling, a significant other, children for some, pets for some, jobs and so forth.  For each of these acquired happenings, one experiences sub-accumulations like super-sized packages of toilet paper, disorganized mountains of paperwork, and an odd collection of food storage containers.  The only item that runs short during this phase is time, and for some reason, pencil sharpeners.  While in this particular phase, one is also acquiring a full array of logistical loading – like child care, job juggling, meal planning, permission slip purgatory, and the mother of all lodes – elementary school homework.

The next phase (the one I believe that I’m just now entering, though truthfully, I think it’s more like straddling between the two) is one of de-cluttering.  I find myself both thinning out the sock drawer as well as losing my ambition to impress the boss and throw dinner parties. The kids are about to launch, or at least moving out.  I’m not sure launching is the correct term anymore as it seems interminable these days.  The logistical jungle has more clearing, and time becomes slightly less elusive.  I am buying less toilet paper and consolidating my food storage containers.  I’m also struck by this innate urge to purge the unnecessary contents of my house.

Regardless of which phase you may fall into, I have always pushed for simplicity.  By this, I mean anything from simple meal ideas, using cooking utensils, budgeting, or anything I run into that seems to add clarity and ease.  It’s not about spending lots of money.  It’s about being lavishly moderate.  It’s about finding a place where no one else goes.  It’s not popular or extravagant.  It’s not big, but small.  It tastes good and has few ingredients.  It’s short, not long and by all means, it’s not complicated.  It’s possessing a simplsoul.